Kamagra Addiction Problems

Kamagra may not seem like a drug that one gets addicted to but can happen easily. Available as the generic brand of Sildenafil, this is a drug that has the least potential for abuse as it does not have properties that can lead to people becoming addicted to it. However, taking the drug in a certain way or for certain purposes can lead to psychological addiction.

Reasons why people get addicted to Kamagra

getting addicted to kamagraThe addiction potential of Kamagra is high when the drug is used for recreational purposes. Those who do not have erectile dysfunction (ED) but still take the medication believe that it will help them to improve their performance. Also, the duration of effects enables users to engage in sex for longer than the usual period. Another way that people get addicted to ED pills is when they are addicted to sex to such an extent that they cannot naturally get an erection but require help. One can say that the abuse of the ED drug is what leads to addiction to Kamagra.

How to approach Kamagra abusers

As with any kind of drug addiction, those who abuse Kamagra will most likely deny that it happens. If you or someone you know is abusing ED pills like Kamagra, the best recourse is to seek psychological help. The psychologist would be able to provide professional therapy for the problem, particularly to those who are addicted to sex. The pressure to perform also stems from anxiety and self-esteem issues leading to dependency on the drug and need to be worked on with the help of the doctor. Treatment is essential because continuing this practice of abusing the drug can lead to other risky behavior, like taking drugs that can enhance the effects of the ED medication.

Withdrawal effects of Kamagra

kamagra withdrawal effectsThe withdrawal effects of Kamagra are noticeable in that the person is unable to gain a sustainable erection during sexual activity. Signs that a person may be addicted include taking the drug when alone, starting the day with a dose of Kamagra, using the drug just to feel more confident during sex, spending too much money on the drug, being preoccupied only with the drug, etc. Addiction to the drug often means that tolerance is easily developed and higher doses would be required in order to feel the effects. In the short-term, the withdrawal symptoms of Kamagra are around psychological lines. However, the effect of abuse and addiction can manifest in the form of physical symptoms and show up long after the drug has been discontinued.

Use the pills only if required and as directed by the doctor. The side effects and emotional distress that comes with addiction is not worth it and the person should always seek professional help.